The Wanagi Wolf Rescue Pack



Tehya came to WWFR from Virginia at the age of 4 on November 9, 2016. Her name in Navajo/Dine’ means “Precious Crown”. Within 2 hours of her arrival she was taking treats from Stephanie’s hand. The pack has welcomed her in. Tehya, Jyoti and Wihopa have their pens next to each other. It will be known as “the K9 Sorority House!”



Freyja, the powerful but silly Norse Goddess, arrived at Wanagi Wolf Rescue on November 19th, 2018 all the way from Chicago.
The entire pack have welcomed her in with all their hearts!
This HUGE sweetie pie is now the pen-mate of “her sister” Jyoti.
The family that took such great care of Freyja shared with me that all she’s ever wanted was a “pet K9 for Christmas!”
Freyja & Jyoti wrestle, play with their toys & ‘sing’ together!
Welcome home, my sweet Freyja
P.S. Her Birthday is 9/11.

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