Prema Seeks Shelter

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Prema Seeks Shelter

Wanagi WR resident Prema (who is Hokshila’s “pen-mate” at the refuge) made her debut appearance at a public venue today. It soon became apparent that Prema was not really comfortable with either the crowds of interested people or the unexpected high temperatures . . . so she hid under the table to seek refuge from both. Miss Stephanie was quick to realize Prema’s discomfort and allowed her to spend much of the afternoon resting in the quiet shade of the back of her SUV. Prema has been filling in for Wanagi WR’s usual wolf-dog ambassador, Bindi, who remained at home to continue his recovery from an unusual blood disorder. (Bindi is doing really well now, and will likely be at the next venue: Doggie Dash & Dawdle on November 2nd.) (Photo courtesy of Sue Isley)


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