December 2013

Meet & Greet and Annual Holiday Raffle

Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue held its Annual Holiday Raffle at the west-side Albuquerque Open Space Visitors Center on Sunday, December 15th. Wanagi WR founder Stephanie Kaylan was present, along with wolf ambassadors Hokshila and Bindi. The event was the final one to be held at the Open Space Visitors Center, and Wanagi WR would like to thank the Center for hosting this quarterly event for the past several years. The event was very well attended by both old and young alike and raffle tickets were sold almost up to the time of the drawings. Approximately 85 prizes were donated to the Rescue, including original paintings, photographs, jewelry, and gift cards.

Following Ms Kaylan’s presentation, which consisted primarily of a lively Q&A session, artist Rick May presented his contribution of the Grand Prize (a beautiful giclee reproduction of an original painting by the artist, entitled “Liberty 2000”) and drew the winning ticket, belonging to Stephanie’s father’s friend, Hamlet, who lives in South Florida. The drawing continued, with various audience members drawing the winning tickets from the approximately 500 that were sold. (Stephanie’s father, Kappy, sold 30 tickets this year in South Florida! Hats off to Kappy!)

Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue would like to thank all who participated in this important annual event, including both those who contributed prizes and those who purchased raffle tickets. Happy Howl-i- days to all, and we look forward to another healthy, happy, and blessed year. May 2014 be a great one for everyone!