Open Space Meet & Greet

August 25, 2013

Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue brought two new faces to this recent quarterly event held at the Visitors Open Space Center on Coors Rd. in northwest Albuquerque. White Tundra wolf Shunka and his daughter Shadow (tundra wolf/grey wolf mix) made their Open Space debut as ambassadors for Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue at this “Meet & Greet.” And what a hit they were! And they were both so well-behaved and a tremendous hit with those who attended! Volunteer Rick May held the leashes during much of Stephanie’s presentation, and both wolves made it obvious that they were very fond of their “Uncle Rick.” Of course, both Shunka and Shadow were quick to demonstrate their affection, devotion, and obedience to Stephanie. The only difficulty occurred when volunteer photographer Ann Sullivan attempted to take photos of Shunka and Shadow with attendees who wanted to be photographed with the wolves. Initially, Ann tried to photograph the wolves outside, but they were too easily distracted, so everyone moved inside, where it was a bit too warm and crowded. Nonetheless, volunteer Andrea Westwood managed to get both Shunka and Shadow to lie down beside her for a photo op (captured by volunteer photographer Sue Isley) . . . after most of the crowds had gone.