Meet A Wolf and Wolf-Dog!

Meet A Wolf and Wolf-Dog!

Wanagi Wolf Fund and Rescue emphasizes education of the public in general, and children in particular, about wolves and wolf-dogs, and the similarities and differences between wolves and domestic dogs. Our animal ambassador team visits schools, civic groups and public events to help educate people of all ages, to give them the opportunity to learn about these magnificent, misunderstood animals and to meet a wolf and wolf-dog up close and personal!

Invite A Wolf and Wolf-Dog To Your School!

Imagine how excited your students will be to meet Angel, our Arctic wolf ambassador, and his sidekicks Bindi, a wolf/coyote/husky, and Milagro, a wolf/akita/husky.
Seeing these beautiful animals — all of which love children — walk into your classroom will be something students and adults alike won’t soon forget.

Learn first-hand about wolves, their critical role in maintaining a healthy environment, and how learning about wolves can help us better understand our own dogs. Angel, Bindi, and Milagro will accompany Wanagi founder Stephanie Kaylan, who will share her wealth of information and experience and keep her audience spellbound. At the end of her presentation, your students will have a chance to meet the ambassadors up close and personal.


HokshilaAndBabyEach presentation is adapted to meet the age and interests of the group. A typical presentation lasts 60 to 90 minutes, but it can be adjusted to fit your needs. Students will learn while having fun! Topics typically covered include:

  • The wolf’s senses and body, and how wolves have adapted to their environment
  • Wolf behavior
  • The similarities and differences between wolves and dogs, and why breeding of wolf-dogs as pets must be stopped.
  • Information about wolf-dogs and why the term ‘hybrid’ is incorrect.
  • How learning about wolves can help you and your students understand your pet dog’s behavior

Scheduling a Presentation

To schedule an educational presentation at your school, library or other venue, please contact us by e-mailing or call Ms. Kaylan at 505-286-2088 . You will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your request and particular needs, as well as our availability.


Although we do not charge for our presentations, we strongly encourage a donation to Wanagi Wolf Fund and Rescue. All donations are used to help care for our animals. Wanagi Wolf Fund and Rescue has no paid employees; all those who help with our programs are volunteers.

BindiAndFriend01Want Our Animal Ambassadors to Visit Your Group or Event?  

Our wolf and wolf-dog ambassadors (and their driver) also are available to visit civic and youth groups upon request.  We offer an opportunity to have your photo taken with the ambassador(s) for a $10 donation, and we sell a variety of wolf-related items such as color photographs, greeting cards and ornaments. Proceeds from these sales help support the care and feeding of our animals

If you are interested in having our animal ambassadors visit your meeting or event, please e-mail us at

Looking for a Service Project?

A variety of Boy Scout troops and individuals working on their Eagle Scout designation, as well as other service groups, have helped Wanagi Wolf Fund and Rescue by doing projects at the refuge, everything from putting up fencing to scooping poop. If you or your organization would like to volunteer to help out on the refuge, please e-mail us at

Taking care of a dozen large canines, maintaining their pens and shelters, and doing repair and maintenance on the facilities is an on-going job. Volunteer labor is always needed and much appreciated!