In Memory of Our Pack


     Prema, I send you gentle, love-filled hugs as you travel to the Light.Prance & Dance over the Rainbow Bridge free of pain, my girl.I will miss that royal, dignified, sweet, loving face looking at me.Bless you, my selfless one.For 14 years, You served so well in this life.I will miss you to bits.



On June 10th, 2022—Shadow pranced over the Rainbow Bridge to meet back up with her Daddy, Shunka who she adored.
Shadow passed onward from bone cancer & she lived for 7 more weeks after the diagnosis.
Shadow’s Birthday was Nov. 2, 2008 & passed @ the age of 13 1/2.

I will miss that smiling face…she wouldn’t eat her meal until we hugged each other.

Thank you for serving so well at Wanagi Wolf Rescue.

I adore you & miss you, my sweet little one………..”Me & my Shadow”


It is with a sad & heavy heart that I share with the world that Angel has passed.
July 7th, 2021—3:33 PM MST.
His back legs/spine/muscles were losing all their strength.
He couldn’t walk on his own anymore.
It all happened so very fast
One of the most important things to me is the “Quality of Life”.


Dadyoe Ganesha passed at 5:10 AM MST on June 24th, 2021.
Marisol let out a mournful howl right at that time & that’s when I knew.
Dadyoe had been with me longer than any other pack member since the inception of Wanagi Wolf Rescue.
I rescued him from the county when he was only 7 months old. He passed away at 14 1/2.
I will miss his voice “talking” to me as I walked up to play with him or bring him treats.
Such a sweet, dear, ancient soul.

Wihopa –

At the age of 16+, Wihopa (“Pretty Woman” in Lakota) is now running & jumping over the Rainbow Bridge.I am sure that she met her brother, Kola & all of the other great beings from Wanagi Wolf Rescue.It was her time.  We drove through the snow storm today (Ash Wednesday Feb.17th, 2021) to the Vet @ TLC in ABQ. Dementia played a big part in all of this. Wihopa deserves only the best.  She was happy & loving to the very last moment.

All of you who have met Wihopa know of her constant love, joy & playfulness that she showered on you & everyone she ever met.She didn’t know a stranger.In my opinion, ALL humans should learn to be like Wihopa. :>)Thank you all for loving Wihopa because I know that she loves each & everyone of you.

Love you, Girlie-Girl.          
RIP, My Dear “Pretty Woman”

Freyja –

My heart aches.  This was all quite sudden.  In a 10 day period, Freyja began to eat less & I also noticed that she was chewing her food very slowly & thoroughly.  She never did that before because food was “to be vacuumed up into the tummy!”  She lost 20 lbs during this time.  I thought that this all had to do with Addison’s disease but it was due to carcinoma…stomach cancer.  Her body was not absorbing proteins.  Her original family did everything for her.  I did everything for her.  EVERYONE did everything for her.         

You were an amazing Ambassador & touched the lives of thousands.  RIP, Sweetie-pea

Shunka –

With a saddened heart, Shunka left his body while I held him in my arms at the Vets office on July 6th, 2020.Early that evening, he had a seizure.  There was a non-cancerous tumor behind the eye & it was pushing against the skull causing the front of the skull to protrude.Shunka was always such a GREAT Dad to his daughter, Shadow & an amazing Ambassador.He passed at 14 1/2 & I am honored that he was able to spend most of his entire life here with his daughter & the Wanagi Wolf Pack.

A simply amazing being, Ambassador, sentry of the property, teacher, deep loving friend.

Bindi passed from cancer on October 13th, 2018. I was truly blind sided by this event.

He was fine & dandy & then …fell over & was struggling to stand. Then he did stand & I immediately brought him to VCA where they did an ultrasound, X-rays, blood work. Cancer had spread everywhere. We would have only had about 3 more weeks together but there is no sense in letting him dwindle & be in pain as the days moved onward. I held him in my arms as he ascended to Heaven where I know he is running, playing & telling everyone that the UPS truck is coming! I know that he & my Dad are taking strolls together. Blessings to you, my sweet Bindi-Boy. I miss your form here on Earth.

On Tuesday, December 20th 2016 at 1:10 PM, Milagro, little friend to all the world at approximately 9 years old, left the pack to go join his friends over the ‘rainbow bridge’. ​He passed away from lung cancer. In Spanish, ‘Milagro” means Miracle.​ He was & is a Miracle. He had 6 1/2 ​-7 years with me & the pack when I rescued him from ‘the needle of death’ in Valencia County. He was the consummate Ambassador. He gave his love to everyone & didn’t know a stranger. ​Milagro ​truly did God’s Work. ​T​hat is what “Service” is all about.​….Giving of yourself without expecting anything in return. Blessings to Our Milagro. He gave so much love back to the World, to everyone. Milagro touched thousands of lives. He will live on in all our hearts.
That’s my boy.
June 17th 2015, Liberty crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. His birthday would have been 9/11 and he would have been 15. He was and is a survivor. He healed children of their fear of larger K9’s . . . he did that for adults as well. He was the Alpha of the Wanagi Wolf Pack. His gentle, calm, focused demeanor showed everyone that he is the Alpha and that he is the epitome of love & kindness. He came to me with Lupus, was cured of cancer, and lived happy and healthy up until the last day of his life.

Hokshila, the Grand Wanagi Wolf Rescue Ambassador for 13 + years, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 2nd, 2015. In a matter of 24 hours, both his back legs gave out & he was no longer able to stand…to walk, to ‘jog’ , to do his personal business. Yes, he had calcium deposits on his spine & muscle degeneration because of his size & age. His energy level was great up until the last breath. He will always be the ‘Gentle Giant’… & sharing love from his big heart to all who have met him. There will never be another like him. Bless you, Gentle Soul.

Kola_12a-250x250 KolaMemorialImage-370x250
Kola left his beautiful body today, January 1st 2015. He was 11 years old and 100 furry pounds of love. For those of you that have met him & known him….I know that you all loved him to bits & that he loved you to bits. He was & is a hug-able, timid, loveable teddy bear wolf-dog. He will be terribly missed. He gave so much to everyone.

Seneca-sponsor250x250 Seneca-rescue370x250
On Sept. 30th 2013, Hozho–Stephanie’s special “helper”, with dignity and grace, left her physical body after a strong fight against a rare form of bladder cancer. With everyone’s help, with their prayers and donations, Hozho had 3 weeks of remission. Up until the last minute, her little Aussie Shepard tail was wiggling …..always “walking in boundless joy.””Thank you, Hozho- for your constant love, devotion & selfless service to me & to the Wanagi Wolf Pack.”

SilverBear02-250x250 SilverBear01-370x250
Silver Bear: On June 2, 2012, one of the most beloved of all Wanagi’s wolf-dogs departed her earthly existence. Silver Bear was rescued from a hoarding situation by Stephanie and came to live at Wanagi WR on Mother’s Day, 2010. When Stephanie adopted her, Silver Bear had not yet been spayed, a condition which was soon rectified. However, the previous constant reproductive demands made on Silver Bear’s body came with a high cost, and veterinary bills were averaging over $200/month, just to ensure Silver Bear’s health and comfort. But she was worth every cent. Silver Bear, you will be missed by all who loved you .  .

Seneca-sponsor250x250 Seneca-rescue370x250
Seneca means “A Proud People.” She was a cinnamon Husky X Gray Wolf and was one of our ambassador wolf-dogs. Her birthday was February 12, 1996. She was flown in from Lakeland, FL, after much abuse, but she flourished and was in beautiful health! She visited schools and other venues with her pen-mate Hokshila and me, educating children of all ages. Sadly, Seneca passed away at age 16 on Aug 8, 2010.

Dizhoni-sponsor250x250 Dizhoni-rescue370x250
Dizhoni (‘Navajo-Dine’ means ‘One who walks in beauty’) was a grey wolf and was rescued at the age of 3 in 2004. Weighing only 48 lbs. when she was rescued, she grew to a healthly 90 lbs with good food and care. Dizhoni was a tender and gentle creature that always wanted a family to take her for walks and let her sleep inside. Sadly, Dizhoni passed away in 2011.