2016-08-12 Journal interview Shadow Shunka SK (16)In 1995, Jacqui Evans, the founder of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Ramah, NM, (formerly known as Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch) graciously entrusted two high content wolf-dogs to me. These were a ‘husband and wife’ pair named Washte and Wopila.

These two special beings entered my life and changed it forever. Since I first met Washte’ and Wopila, many others have come and gone. I have rescued and placed countless numbers of wolves and wolf-dogs in loving, respectful families and homes. They inspired, and continue to inspire, my passion and determination to rescue as many of these wonderful animals as possible, to work to end the breeding of wolves and wolf-dogs as pets, and to provide opportunities for people to get to know these marvelous creatures.

Washte was a white German shepherd X gray wolf. She passed away in October 1998. Wopila lived to the ripe, healthy, happy age of 19!