Doggie Dash & Dawdle 2013

For the 10th consecutive year, Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue participated in Albuquerque’s Doggie Dash & Dawdle,m which was held on November 2, 2013. Timber wolf ambassador Hokshila, and wolf-dog ambassador Bindi, joined Stephanie at Balloon Fiesta Park for this renowned half-day event. Everyone was especially glad to see Bindi feeling better and recovering from his life-threatening blood disorder (caused by a tick bite several months ago), as he made his first public appearance in several months. While dogs of every breed, shape, color, and size either ran (the “dash”) or strolled (the “dawdle”) with their human counterparts, Stephanie, Hokshila, and Bindi met and greeted the public between the hours of 8:00am and 1:30pm. People of all ages, from the very young to the not-so-young, stopped by to meet and greet the wolves and many had their photos taken with Hokshila in exchange for a $10.00 donation to the rescue. Stephanie reminded those who had their photos taken that a photo with Hokshila makes a wonderful holiday greeting card. Wanagi WR volunteers who participated in this event include:  Sue Isley, Rick May, Andrea Westwood, Michael Crowder, Shay Ramos, Rob & Jeannie Shackleton, and Morgan & Tara O’Mahoney. Thanks to everyone for their dedication and help.