Going to schools is a favorite event of Wanagi Wolf Rescue.  (Book us at your school ASAP!)

Wanagi WR Presentation at Comanche Elementary School

On Friday, May 10th, the three 4th-grade classes at Comanche Elementary School attended an informative and enjoyable presentation with pack leader Miss Stephanie, and Wanagi ambassadors Hokshila and Bindi. A number of Wanagi volunteers were also present, including Rick May, Sue Isley, Andrea Westwood, and Rob Shackleton. Miss Stephanie had also requested two young student volunteers, a boy and a girl, to assist during the presentation. Both student volunteers were ready, willing, and able to assist in any way they could, and were immediately comfortable and affectionate with both Bindi and Hokshila.

The 4th graders sat in rapt attention as Miss Stephanie imparted important information about Wanagi Wolf Fund and Rescue, as well as useful information about the characteristics and behaviors of wolves in general. She encouraged the students to ask questions, and the kids responded with eager enthusiasm. Miss Stephanie then asked the children questions about the wolves to further encourage participation in the discussion. The kids had been asked in advance by their teachers to bring any old stuffed animals that they no longer wanted, as the Wanagi canines absolutely love stuffed toys. One such toy, a large stuffed frog, was presented to Bindi on stage. On several occasions, Miss Stephanie and Rick May escorted Hokshila and Bindi among the seated children, allowing them a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with Wanagi’s ambassadors. At a special request, Miss Stephanie allowed the children to line up and come pet Hokshila nd Bindi individually.