Bindi’s Incredible Journey

At the end of August, 2013, Bindi suddenly became very ill. He became extremely lethargic, and behaved as though it was painful to move his limbs. In addition, his appetite plummeted to the point where he even refused treats. After numerous trips to the vet’s office and many overnight stays during which Bindi was continuously attached to IV drips, his condition continued to decline. Thankfully, Stephanie’s persistence and Bindi’s indomitable will finally paid off. He was eventually diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disease known as Auto Immune Hemolitic Anemia (AIHA), which was destroying his red blood cells. It is believed that this auto-immune condition was triggered by a tick bite. Since there are no ticks living in the mountains where the rescue is located, it has been surmised that Bindi sustained the tick bite while participating in a Wanagi WR event that took place in Rio Rancho.

Bindi has been treated with a variety of drugs, including the steroid, Prednisone. This medication not only helped Bindi on his long road to recovery, but also increased his appetite somewhat dramatically. Over the past few months, Bindi has been transformed from a lithe and lean canine weighing around 60 pounds, to an all-time high weight of 78 pounds! However, this weight gain is likely to be temporary, as Bindi’s dosage of Prednisone is being gradually decreased, and it was hoped that the medication would be permanently discontinued on January 15, 2014. Unfortunately, during the early months of 2014, Bindi was unable to maintain his blood counts without the help of Prednisone, so he continues to take the medication. Everyone who knows Bindi has hoped and prayed for his recovery and, with the help of modern medicine, it appears that prayers have been answered. At just over 5 years of age, Bindi is “one tough pup” and will likely be around for a long time to come.

As of the end of March 2014, Bindi is continuing to make steady progress in his recovery, but continues to take Prednisone every other day during the month of April. His next appointment with the veterinarian is scheduled for April 30th, at which time his condition will be re-evaluated. We all wish Bindi the best of luck of good health in the coming months.

UPDATE: On May 16, 2014, doctors announced that Bindi was cured of AIHA after nearly 9 months of treatment.  Stephanie wishes to thank everyone for their prayers, love, donations, and kindness.  Way to go, Bindi-Boy!  We’re so glad you’re healthy and well again!