Little friend to all the world

Milagro, Little Friend to All the World, is in Heaven now.

​In Spanish, ‘Milagro” means Miracle.​  He was & is a Miracle. He had 6 1/2 ​-7 years with me & the pack when I rescued him from ‘the needle of death’ in Valencia County.

He was the consummate Ambassador. He gave his love to everyone & didn’t know a stranger. ​Milagro ​truly did God’s Work.

​T​hat is what “Service” is all about.​….Giving of yourself without expecting anything in return.


​He passed from lung cancer.​

Blessings to Our Milagro. He gave so much love back to the World, to everyone. Milagro touched thousands of lives. He will live on in all our hearts.
That’s my boy.

Milagro was approximately 9 years old & passed on Tuesday–1:10 pm Dec. 20, 2016